The top extreme sports in the world

The full world of sports is accelerating to higher and higher extreme levels because of our need for new challenges, speed, and excitement. For the last years, videos of all kinds of thrilling experiences started pouring on the internet, but that's just the top of the radical sports pile. So let’s list a few that you might not even suspect they existed. Who knows, you might fall in love with some of them.

Surfing down a volcano

Volcano boarding also known as volcano surfing means precisely what you hear. You skate down the surface of a volcano that's carpeted in ash and cinders. In this case, ash means mostly little pieces of razor-sharp volcanic rocks. After climbing the rocks and reaching the peak, the participants take a trip down the mouth of the volcano on make-do wooden sleds. The most thrilling experience is surfing down the hill as you stand on the board.


If you go scuba diving, can fall in a condition where you could remain breathless if anything goes wrong. The regular divers use oxygen tanks all the time, but some athletes prefer not to carry such equipment. They seek for the risk and opt to free dive. Participants sink with no survival gear worth mentioning. They aim to make the descend and ascend by taking a breath only once. It has to be noted that the pressure changes together with the physical exhaustion make this a pretty extreme sport. But again, this is what people seek – they want to feel alive.

Para skiing

If you find leaping out of an airplane to go skiing, the so-called heli-skiing, not extreme enough, there is something for you. It is a combination of skiing and flying. This mixture of skiing (or snowboarding) and parasailing is named paraskiing. The adventurer has a parachute and as soon as the speed is accelerated as much as possible, they start soaring and rising with the help of the parasail and the wind. There are two types of parasailers. The first ones fly all the time while others do both activities – skiing and flying. The result of this mash is adrenaline to the maximum. Some people also mix both paraskiing and heli-skiing to reach a degree of total buzz. Can you imagine how crazy you need to be?

Wingsuit Flying

Currently, the type of flying which is closest to the free-floating in the air is probably the wingsuit flying. The daredevil needs to wear a special suit. The costume is similar to the one for sky diving. It makes you look like a bat. On the outer parts of the body and on the inner sides of the legs, there are attributes which resemble wings. There are holes for the air in the wings that give the adventurer more lift. What is more, the pockets allow them to fall reluctantly and conduct the direction. The movements happen with an incredible amount of accuracy. The trip can start from a plane or off the ground. There are some expert flyers who tend to get amazingly close to enormous hills and mountain ranges.