Deca-Durabolin: combined course

Nandrolone course with other steroids. Despite the unique structural differences of the substance, which gives it the ability to retain the necessary substances in the tissues for longer and longer and to be in a more active phase, they do not make nandrolone a self-sufficient drug, and the individual properties of the substance . each of us can help further reduce the anabolic effect and increase the chances of developing side effects. To complete a course of nandrolone, it will therefore be necessary to prepare a sufficient course that takes into account the individual characteristics of the user.

Deca-Durabolin combined course

Nandrolone is perfectly combined with all steroids. But taking a course is not enough to pass without pop-up problems. The harder and longer the course, the more desirable body control and common sense in using the doses of each substance. Experienced people use all kinds of bundles, combining in addition to the standard composition: trenbolone, insulin, growth hormone and a number of other substances. And don’t be fooled by the horror stories about the incompatibility of progestins – everything is compatible and successfully combined. The incompatibility of brains with the right knowledge to drive more complex courses is an issue, not courses combining both nandrolone and trenbolone. So if you are your own specialist and work through schemes from the internet, use the courses more easily and do not use trenbolone with nandrolone.

Important! If you don’t have the right knowledge and experience, don’t use complicated courses and don’t put together “super courses” yourself. If you have no ailments and health problems, you can start exploring nandrolone in combination with testosterone, also you can link any tablet preparation for 6-8 weeks here. It is better to learn about the short esters of nandrolone and testosterone at the same time, and not the long ones. Long esters (enanthate, cypionate, sustanon, decanoate) should be approached after positive experience with short ones (propionate, phenylpropionate).

Nandrolone knowledge course

Nandrolone knowledge course

Let’s take a look at a nandrolone knowledge course as an example

One of the classic combinations is this course:

  • 1-8 weeks: Testosterone Propionant 100 mg t/d (30 ml substance);
  • 1-8 weeks: Nandrolone phenylpropionate 100 mg t/d (30 ml substance);
  • 1-8 weeks: Stanozolol 4 tons/day (220 tablets);
  • Anastrozole can be started at 0.5 mg t/day (40 tablets reserve);
  • Cabergolin 0.25 twice a month (reserve 4 tablets);
  • Cardiomagnyl 75mg/day.

In the future, the duration of the course should be increased to 12 weeks, and in the future switch to a 4-5 month course with long esters.